Hilbert II - Version 0.03.04

Package org.qedeq.kernel.dto.module

Value objects for qedeq modules.


Class Summary
AuthorListVo List of authors.
AuthorVo Describes a QEDEQ module author.
AxiomVo Axiom.
ChapterListVo List of chapters.
ChapterVo Chapter.
FormulaVo Wraps a formula.
FunctionDefinitionVo Definition of function operator.
HeaderVo Header of a qedeq file.
ImportListVo List of imports.
ImportVo Module import.
LatexListVo List of LaTeX text parts.
LatexVo LaTeX text part.
LinkListVo List of links.
LiteratureItemListVo List of literature references.
LiteratureItemVo Single literature reference.
LocationListVo List of locations.
LocationVo Describes the "physical" directory location for a module.
NodeVo Special subsection of a qedeq file.
PredicateDefinitionVo Definition of operator.
ProofListVo List of proofs.
ProofVo Contains a proof for a proposition.
PropositionVo Proposition.
QedeqVo A complete qedeq module.
RuleVo Rule declaration.
SectionListVo List of sections.
SectionVo Section of a qedeq file.
SpecificationVo Describes a specification of a module, that means its name, versions and possible "physical" locations.
SubsectionListVo List of nodes.
SubsectionVo Subsection of a qedeq file.
TermVo Wraps a fterm.
UsedByListVo List of modules which use the current one.
VariableListVo List of variables.

Package org.qedeq.kernel.dto.module Description

Value objects for qedeq modules. This objects bear no business logic.

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