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Package org.qedeq.kernel.log

Logging, and journal abilities.


Interface Summary
LogListener Log event listener.
ModuleEventListener Interface for an QEDEQ module event listener.

Class Summary
DefaultModuleEventListener Listener that writes events to a stream.
LogListenerImpl Listener that writes events to a stream.
ModuleEventListenerLog Listener that writes events to the QedeqLog.
ModuleEventLog This class organizes the logging of module events.
QedeqLog This class organizes the logging.

Package org.qedeq.kernel.log Description

Logging, and journal abilities. Important system messages are logged. Informations for the end user are written into the journal.

Creating journal entries requires know how of business objects and might be transfered into another package.

Hilbert II - Version 0.03.04

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