Hilbert II - Version 0.03.04

Package org.qedeq.kernel.xml.handler.module

Handler to parse qedeq XML modules.


Class Summary
AuthorHandler Parse author list.
AuthorListHandler Parse author list.
AxiomHandler Parse an axiom.
ChapterHandler Handles a chapter.
FormulaHandler Parse formula.
FunctionDefinitionHandler Parse a function definition.
HeaderHandler Parse header informations.
ImportListHandler Parse author list.
LatexHandler Parse header informations.
LatexListHandler Parse header informations.
LiteratureItemHandler Handle bibliography entry.
LiteratureItemListHandler Parse literature list.
NodeHandler Handles node data.
PredicateDefinitionHandler Parse a predicate definition.
ProofHandler Parse a proposition.
PropositionHandler Parse a proposition.
QedeqHandler Parses complete qedeq modules.
RuleHandler Parse a rule.
SectionHandler Handle sections.
SpecificationHandler Parse specification informations.
SubsectionHandler Parses subsection data.
SubsectionListHandler Parse subsection list.
TermHandler Parse term.
UsedByListHandler Parse list of referencing modules.
VariableListHandler Parse variables.

Package org.qedeq.kernel.xml.handler.module Description

Handler to parse qedeq XML modules. These handlers fill data transfer objects that contain the data.

Hilbert II - Version 0.03.04

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