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Uses of Class

Packages that use FormulaVo
org.qedeq.kernel.dto.module Value objects for qedeq modules.  
org.qedeq.kernel.xml.handler.module Handler to parse qedeq XML modules.  

Uses of FormulaVo in org.qedeq.kernel.dto.module

Methods in org.qedeq.kernel.dto.module with parameters of type FormulaVo
 void PropositionVo.setFormula(FormulaVo formula)
          Set proposition formula.
 void PredicateDefinitionVo.setFormula(FormulaVo formulaOrTerm)
          Set defining formula or term that defines the object.
 void AxiomVo.setFormula(FormulaVo formula)
          Set axiom formula.

Uses of FormulaVo in org.qedeq.kernel.xml.handler.module

Methods in org.qedeq.kernel.xml.handler.module that return FormulaVo
 FormulaVo FormulaHandler.getFormula()
          Get parsed result.

Hilbert II - Version 0.03.04

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